A Dropship Experience on dropshipdesign

A dropship experience on dropshipdesign   

I’ve bought the most expensive plan of dropshipdesign.com (USA-Canada) including all other plans and providing a web site with my own domain name.  But after 6 months they asked me to pay monthly 24-25$ for my web site (This was a surprise for me because there wasn’t any word on their ads about this cost but there was a little explanation on the agreement which I didn’t notice.) and I told them “I’ll go on without web site but I’ll use other plans”. They replied me that they were very sorry(!) because they had to cancel all my plans. I was shocked and I wrote my all complaints continously so then they gave the simple and cheapest plan to me.

There are insufficient explanations in their selling details and make their customers confused specially.For example THERE IS NOT ANY WORD ALSO about YEARLY PAYMENT OF 67$ FOR “MEMBER ACCOUNT RENEWAL” in their selling adds . Generally “TERMS AND CONDITIONS” are not read carefully and made payment. This is a TRAP and not ethical. Anyway There are some positive points of this site;– They reply your questions in 24 hours
– They advise some solutions for your conflicts.
– They refund if you cancel your transaction in appropriate time.
– Anyway It’s possible to sell but you have to follow the new added products and have to work very hard to find profitable products.Other Negative points;– They only send the products to USA and CANADA If you wish to send to England you must buy a seperate plan for England. They couldn’t help me when I asked technical questions about product which was listed on my ebay store. Their wholesale prices are very high and not profitable probably because of competition among their members. They are always trying to gain money with many help tools but their resellers need much more free help (having not any cost), because they are trying to sell their products by paying for listing, bidding and store commisions but they don’t care this.

A Recommendation: Never buy the expensive plans, firstly begin with the cheap offer and see wholesale prices.  You must read carefully all conditions but anyway ask them to send you their selling agreement text.

Pay attention to affiliaters; They always write very good and bright comments and success stories to convince you to buy  membership package via their link  because they will gain money, hence they may not be totally honest and objective.

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